City Celebrates Unveiling of Confederate Monument

Alexandria Gazette,  Volume 90, Number 122, 23 May 1889

Tomorrow,the day of the unveiling of the Confederate Monument will be observed in this city as a partial holiday. After the morning hours the city offices will be closed, as will also most of the business houses, both merchants and clerks being anxious to either take part in or witness the ceremonies.  The schools, both public and private, will give holiday and there will be a general turn out of the citizens, and business in a measure will be suspended.

One thought on “City Celebrates Unveiling of Confederate Monument”

  1. The officers and members of the R.E. Lee Camp and the United Daughters of the Confederacy insist that the Appomattox statue is not a “confederate monument,” but a monument to the soldiers from Alexandria who were lost during the war. The local newspaper, the Alexandria Gazette, has referred to the statue as the “confederal monument” hundreds of times. It seems to me someone from either of these organizations would have corrected the local press at some point.

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