Negro Dupes – Alexandria Gazette, November 10, 1888

Alexandria Gazette, Volume 89, Number 266, 10 November 1888

Few intelligent men, familiar with the true condition of affairs in the South, blame the Negroes of this section for voting invariably as a unit for republicans, and, as a rule, for the worst ones they can find; nor for the disorders they create, nor the outrages they commit. The negroes, notwithstanding the quarter of a century of free schools, are utterly ignorant. They are, therefore, the easy dupes of low, selfish, and vicious white men, who lead them like so many sheep. The account of the negro outrage in Raleigh, referred to in yesterday’s Gazette says “the negroes were incited by white men.” It is so everywhere. The fault lies with the white republicans, who, however, during such dangers as follow, escape and allow their poor dupes to suffer.

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