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Warfield’s List of Confederate Dead of Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Gazette, Volume 89, Number 275, 24 November 1888

Warfield’s List of Confederate Dead_table

The following list is published for the purpose of having inaccuracies corrected and such other names added as will complete the roll.

All persons are requested to forward to Edgar Warfield, Adit. R.E. Lee Camp, Confederate Veterans, names or information of any Alexandrians who died while in the Confederate States service, in order that a full roster may appear on the monument to be erected to the Confederate dead in the city of Alexandria.

EDGAR WARFIELD, Alexandria, Va


–The list was published again on November 26,1888

** A very cursory count reveals 88 names on Warfield’s initial list.

Ex-Confederates are Human, Too

Alexandria Gazette, Volume 89, Number 272, 19 November 1888

The Democrats saved Virginia and West Virginia by the skin of their teeth. Both States are full of ex-Confederates and their sons. Mr. Vilas, when Postmaster General told ex-Congressman Gibson, of West Virginia, that no ex-Confederate holding a minor place in his department should be promoted. Mr. Vilas, when Secretary of the Interior, refused to pension soldiers of the Mexican war because tbey had subsequently been ex-Confederates, and told Congresman Browne, of Virginia, that he would not reopen their cases. Secretary Vilas also told Mr. Frank Hume that none but ex-Union soldiers, consequently no ex-Confederates, should be appointed to minor places in the Interior Department as long as he should remain at the head thereof. As ex-Confederates and their children are human, and susceptible to the influences that affect other people, the small majorities by which the democrats carried the two States referred to are by no means wonderful. _

Contract Signed – Lee Camp Meeting – November 5, 1888

Alexandria Gazette, Volume 89, Number 262, 6 November 1888

Lee Camp – At the meeting of Lee Camp Confederate Veterans, held last night, the committee appointed to purchase a monument to be erected in this city to the Confederate dead, were authorized to sign the contract for the same. It was decided to erect the monument at the intersection of Washington and Prince Streets, and the City Council will be petitioned to grant the right to erect it at that point. A communication from Lee Camp of Richmond, enclosing a request from a G.A.R. Post of Boston for the loan of a Confederate battle flag, to be used in that city on the occasion of a celebration to be held there soon, was received and the camp flag loaned.