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398 AntiAircraft AW Battalion – Picture #3

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398 AntiAircraft Artillery AW Battalion

I have recently discovered a cache of pictures taken by soldiers of the 398 AAA AW Battalion while stationed in Korea.  I know very little about the unit, but wanted to share the pictures with anyone who might be interested. … Continue reading

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Disunion Movement – Alexandria Gazette, Nov. 1, 1860

In the last issue of the Atlantic, Ga., American, we find some account of a Democratic meeting held in Appling county, in Georgia. It is reported to have been one of the largest and most enthusiastic political gatherings ever witnessed … Continue reading

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60 Minutes: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu with Anderson Cooper on Confederate Statues

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U.S. Government Provided Weapons to the South Anticipating Civil War!

From Ron Chernow’s epic biography of President Ulysses S. Grant: Grant grew irate when Buchanan, whom he denounced as the present granny of an executive, allowed Secretary of War John B. Floyd, a southerner, to redistribute arms from northern arsenals … Continue reading

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