Memorial Day Speakers for R.E. Lee Camp Confederate Veterans

May 24, 1889Governor Fitzhugh Lee
May 24, 1890Rev. Geo. H. Norton
May 25, 1891Comrade K. Kemper
May 24, 1892Judge John Critcher
May 24, 1893Rev. Knilock Nelson, D.D.
May 24, 1894Comrade J.M. Johnson
May 24, 1895Rev. W. F. Dunaway
May 25, 1896Rev. J. T. Williams
May 24, 1897Rev. Jno. Massie
May 24, 1898Rev. Jno. Mc Gild
May 24, 1899Rev. W. M. Dame
May 24, 1900Major Peter J. Otey
May 24, 1901Rev. E. V. Register
May 24, 1902Hon. S.W.T. Lanham
May 25, 1903Judge Duke
May 24, 1904Comrade John H. Alexander
May 24, 1905Major Holmes Conrad
May 24, 1906Hon. John Lamb
May 24, 1907Rev. C. D. Bulla
May 25, 1908R. E. Lee, Jr.
May 24, 1909Hon. C. C. Carlin
May 24, 1910Hon. Chas. R. Thomas
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