Trump Said What?

In an unhinged 2-hour diatribe before a crowd of conservative Republicans, President Trump returns to one of his favorite subjects — crowd size for his 2017 Inauguration. An exact transcription of part of his speech is quoted in the next paragraph.

It was raining. And it was wet, and the grass was wet. And women and men, and I consider them totally equal so I’m not going to say it’s harder — in fact it’s probably, with the men I know, it’s actually easier for the women to make the walk. But they’ll had to walk all the way down. They had to walk in high heels in many cases. They had to walk all the way down to the Washington Monument and then back. And I looked and I made a speech, and I said, before I got on, I said to the people that were sitting next to me, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this. Look at that crowd.’ And it was wide! Wide! We had a crowd — I’ve never seen a thing like it. And I have to live — I have to live with ‘crowd size.’ It is all a phony deal, folks. But I saw a picture just the other night of practically no people. It was taken hours before our great day. That was a great, great day. People came from all over. People came from all over. So, ‘Sir, it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares.’ I said, ‘But I care. And people care. People care.’

President Trump’s explaining the crowd size for his inauguration before the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) on March 2, 2019 — more than 2 years later.
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