Hiding History

I recently found a copy of a brochure, The Confederate Statue, distributed by the Office of Historic Alexandria.  If I understand the coding at the bottom of the brochure, it was created in November, 2002.

The brochure compiles a number of reported facts related to the creation of the monument, including the names attached to its various sides.

I found one paragraph particularly interesting:

The name of James W. Jackson, the proprietor of the Marshall House who was killed on May 24, 1861, during the occupation of the city, was added to the east side of the statue in 1900.

James W Jackson

I find it interesting that the brochure omits the fact that Jackson was killed immediately after his murder of a U.S. Soldier, Colonel Elmer Ellsworth at the Marshall House.

Why would the city of Alexandria permit a murderer to be honored with a statue, and then neglect to mention it in the brochure they create to give background on the monument?




Marshall House Plaque

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