Continuation of Black Conservatives

  1. This affliction with reality enables BLACK CONSERVATIVES to conclude in phobia form that produces an obsession for destroying present-day black leadership.  Their campaigns against established black organizations and battle-tested black leaders have been brutal and unrelenting but without much impact in black communities.
  2. The average black person usually views these “neo-conservatives” as raving misguided, mis-educated maniacs possessing blurred intellects. Younger more militant civil rights activists accuse them of being brain-dead robots engaged in despising their own race and demeaning their own culture.
  3. Others, perhaps with some merit, suggest that a few colleges are enrolling marginally intelligent black students and producing ideological mannequins that  masquerade as the new intelligentsia.
  4. Acting the role of rebels without sensible cause, this new breed of  Negro politicos in black face pretend to understand and appreciate conservative political policies.  The irony is they usually do not have anything to conserve. Regrettably, they have become essentially part of a compendium of ideological Negro Klansmen determined to impede the progress of their race.

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