Trucker Convoy of Hate

The group of allegedly unaffiliated truck drivers who recently converged on the Washington, D.C. beltway, via Hagerstown, Maryland, claims to be protesting vaccine mandates (efforts to keep people healthy and safe), but at closer look, it seems their motivation have less to do with their stated passion of-the-day, and instead just more of the same grievances poorly-educated whites have had for centuries. It’s not they’ve tried to hide it. Or, if they have, they’ve door a very poor job of it.

For example, take a speaker at their gathering place at the Hagerstown Speedway.

On Friday morning, a man onstage at the rally site launched into a verbal attack against Black Lives Matter Plaza, urging the crowd to go into D.C and vandalize it. “Everybody needs to go to D.C. now,” the man, who did not identify himself, said Friday.

“Black Lives Matter Street, we’re gonna take it back. All that paint’s coming off that street. Before I get put in my grave, it’s going to get tar and feathers, and then we’re going to tar and feather all our delegates,” the man said. That afternoon, members of the convoy drove their bobtail trucks through Black Lives Matter Plaza.

So, don’t be mislead. This isn’t about vaccine mandates, which are expiring as these idiots drive their fuel-guzzling trucks in a circle around metropolitan Washington, D.C.. This is more to do with a problem that Americans have dealt with before this country was founded. They prove it every day.

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