Birds of a (Wicked) Feather

Herbster in cowboy hat

The Washington Post is reporting that former president Donald Trump will travel to Nebraska later this month to campaign with Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, who has been accused of sexually assaulting several women, including a Republican state senator Julie Slama.

According to the Post article by Amy B Wang and Mariana Alfaro, Herbster has been accused by eight women of inappropriate touching, according to a report by the Nebraska Examiner. Two men and a woman on Monday put their names behind what they said they either saw directly or were told immediately afterward about Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster groping young women at political events.All three said they were upset by Herbster’s denials of the behavior. They said they were also upset by how Herbster and some of his political allies have treated State Sen. Julie Slama since the Nebraska Examiner last week reported the allegations against Herbster. 

Two of the three who came forward Monday had previously spoken to the Examiner to corroborate accounts of women who had made allegations. The third person commented after the initial article was published.

The Examiner corroborated six of the women’s accounts with at least one witness to each incident. The other two women told at least one person about the incident on the same day it occurred. Each witness and confidant confirmed the women’s descriptions of what happened.

The Examiner has a detailed story of the allegations and statements supporting the allegations here.

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