Alexandria Ex-Confederates Organization Meeting – July 7, 1884

Meeting of Ex-Confederates

Pursuant to call, there assembled at the Council chamber last night a large and enthusiastic number of ex-Confederates for the purpose of organizing a camp, similar to those which have been formed in all the large cities and towns of the State. The meeting was called to order by Capt. R. F. Knox, temporary chairman, who stated the object of the meeting and the progress already made. The committee on by-laws appointed at the meeting held last week made their report, and by-laws suitable for the government of the camp were adopted. A permanent organization was effected by the adoption of a name for the camp and the election of officers, and the enrolment of over fifty names for membership. After the appointment of several committees and the transaction of other business, the camp adjourned until it’s next regular meeting — the first Monday in August. The organization will be known as the “R. E. Lee Camp No. –  Confederate Veterans, of Alexandria, Va.” The following were elected officers to serve for the ensuing year: Commander, Capt. P. B. Hooe; 1st Lieutenant, W. A. Smoot; 2d do., Lieut. Frank Power; 3d do., Captain K. Kemper: Adjutant, Edgar Warfield ; Quartermaster, R. M. Latham; Chaplain, Rev. G. H. Norton; Surgeon, Dr. R. C. Powell ; Treasurer, Capt. R. F. Knox ; Officer of the Day, F. A. Howell; Vidette, E. H. Hawkins. Executive Committee — John R. Zimmerman, Geo. Wise and Thomas W. White.

This report appears on page 3 of  the Alexandria Gazette, July 8, 1884.

Note: Meeting was held in Council chambers.  I guess it’s no surprise that further actions of the camp were all approved by council. Allowing them to meet in council chambers gives the impression that they enjoyed the support of Alexandria’s leading politicians.

Alexandria City Hall